Terms of Service


Your use of RL7Animation.com, as well as the apps provided and/or developed by RL7 Animation Games, LLC, including: games, music, movies, books, magazines, or other digital content or services (referred to as "Content") available through the website, are subject to the Terms of Service ( together referred to as the "Terms").


Your Use of RL7Animation.com

Age Restrictions. If you are considered a minor in your country, you must have your parent or legal guardian's permission to use RL7Animation.com and to accept the Terms. You must comply with any additional age restrictions that might apply for the use of specific Content.

Third-Party Fees. You are responsible for any access or data fees incurred from third parties (such as your Internet provider or mobile carrier) in connection with your use and viewing of Content on this website.

Purchases and Payments

In addition to our Privacy Policy and this Terms of Service,  when you purchase Content using RL7Animation.com, you will also be in acceptance of any End User License Agreements in connection with the Content purchased.

Refund Policy. You may request a refund within 24-hours of your purchase. The refund may take 3-4 business days to be approved by RL7 Animation Games, LLC (this does not include any additional transaction time from your bank, or other third-party). You acknowledge that, upon receiving a refund for purchased Content, your license to use said refunded Content will be revoked.


Rights and Restrictions

License to Use Content. After completing a transaction or paying the applicable fees for Content, you will have the non-exclusive right, solely as expressly permitted in these Terms and associated policies, to store, access, view, use, and display copies of the applicable Content on your Devices or as otherwise authorized as part of the Service for your personal, non-commercial use only. All rights, title and interest in Content not expressly granted to you in the Terms are reserved.

Restrictions: You may not:

  • sell, rent, lease, redistribute, broadcast, transmit, communicate, modify, sublicense, transfer, assign any Content to any third party including with regard to any downloads of Content that you may obtain through RL7 Animation Games, LLC

  • use Content as part of any service for sharing, lending or multi-person use, or for the purpose of any other institution, except as specifically permitted and only in the exact manner provided.

  • remove any watermarks, labels or other legal or proprietary notices included in any Content, or attempt to modify any Content obtained through RL7 Animation Games, LLC, including any modification for the purpose of disguising or changing any indications of the ownership or source of Content.