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What do you need for your Project?

Choose Animation(s):

Total number of animations needed for project

Select a Color Type:
Did you select the option, " 8 (+) " for any of the animation types listed above? If so, please specify how many for each category.
Are there any required animations that aren't listed above? What are they, and how many?

A single animated action does not normally exceed 20 individually drawn frames. Requesting animations that exceed this limit may significantly increase project cost and production time.

Do your characters need multiple angles animated? What angles do you need?

For example: A Run Cycle with a Side, Front, Back, 3/4 Front, and 3/4 Back view.

What is your game's Art Style?

There are two Art Style categories to choose from. Most games will fall under the Standard Art Style category. However, some projects with simple character designs may be considered for Basic Art Style.
Projects that fall under the Basic Art Style category are usually much cheaper than Standard projects of the same size and scale. If your game uses an art style that falls under this category, you may be need to submit a model sheet before receiving a final quote.
Basic Art Style Requirements
  • simple linework
  • cartoon / exaggerated proportions
  • simplistic facial features

Model sheet example

Not a Game Sprite

Art Style:

Model sheet example

Note a Game Sprite

Select Character Outline Color

Note: Multi-colored lines may increase project cost, but can improve the clarity of characters that have a low pixel count. Black outlines are only suggested for characters with a high pixel count (approx 340+ pixels tall)

This selection is for characters only. Effects will automatically come with multi-colored lines for no additional cost.

Do you have character model sheets that depict the in-game appearance of your characters from several different views?

Model sheets are required in order to accurately draw and animate your characters. If you have model sheets available, they may be requested before a final quote is given. In the case that you do not have any available model sheets, you may request to have your character designs / model sheets created by RL7 Animation Games. This will be included in the pricing of the final quote.

If you answered "No" to the previous question, would you be interested in our character design services? It is required that we have reference material before starting animation production.

Pixel Height

Please provide the Approximate Pixel Height (standing upright) of the average character in your game. If character heights drastically vary (100+ pixels), please list the approximate pixel height of each character to the best of your ability.
If you do not know what pixel height each character should be, you can also describe a character's height as "short", "average", or "tall", etc. However, it is highly encouraged that you provide pixel numbers so that we can best meet your needs.

Please note that we primarily deal with HD Sprites. Character heights can range from 200 to 540 pixels, but some cases may allow you to exceed this limit, reaching up to 700 pixels in height (such as for boss characters, giant monsters, etc). Finished character's height may slightly vary from listed pixel height.

pixel height4.png

In most cases, pixel height usually will not significantly affect the cost of your project, but it can affect game performance or file size. Characters with a high pixel count will have better clarity, but larger file sizes. Characters with a low pixel count will have less clarity, but smaller file sizes.  The best pixel height range will depend on your individual project.

Animation Fluidity

Key Frames Only
Key Frames + Inbetweens
Select an option

Project Information

What else would you like us to know about your project?
Desired Delivery Date

With the exception of certain cases, most projects will have a 1-2 month wait time at minimum before delivery of final product.

Please note that time restrictions will not allow us to accept every job. A project's size, scope, and deadline can have a major impact on what we can and can't approve for animation production.

Please allow up to 1-2 business days to receive quote

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